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11 November 2011

For a friend

Invulnerable child.
Youthful body of health
and energy. You raced
through your long days
like all the year was Summer.
Your thin shoulders held such
strength. Your arms all but bone,
they could cut through the harshest misery.
I can feel them about my neck.
Even now.

Your pleasant outcry, the din
you made in our home,
I despair in its departure.
Photos hung in the hall will be hollow,
flat and without texture.

Hole in our family now that you are,
eternal child who will linger,
you will remain in marble as perfect as David.
Can’t you still see me and
smile, like Time is a circle
and you are both in front and behind?

I cannot look beyond this day.
Pain is a wall made fresh
of stubborn concrete.
The feel is rough on my hand, bruising.
It may crumble in time.
I am told.

I will look for you then,
for the glint of your eyes
shining with welcome. Not closed
as I see them now.