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22 June 2012

Love is a light switch

Love is a light switch up and ignored,
one-time feat where rooms are awakened,
detail in living made clear for a time,
fine furniture or trailer's trash
pushed from the gloom,
stained rugs brought to relief,
offerings to clean or further soil presented.

Light switch up to explore
when seeing's believing,

each recess,
each cranny,
each nook
becomes further fond or harder endured.

Love is a light switch I've seen
flicked on and I've seen flicked off.
There in spades and gone the next instant,
light like Forever swooning to eternal dark.
I flick mine,
you flick yours,
our actions in tandem done once . . .
done again in the end,
for one and then both,
gone and gone,
eternal one to eternal other.