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20 November 2012

Maybe it doesn't suck

In a previous entry I worried that my Christmas short story for the year was tanking. I finished it last Friday night, let it sit for a few days, went over it, then let my wife read it. She liked it.

Maybe she's just nice. Maybe I worry too much. She is pretty nice though.

People not smart enough to buy Six Christmas Stories online
Which brings me to my quick little blurb for today. I promised in the entry I referenced above that I would offer the book containing my previous six Christmas stories for free in a coming day. Well, that day (days actually) is coming. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That means this Black Friday you can actually get something good for free. No strings attached.

Well, some strings attached. I've got three other books that I will be releasing in the next few months. If you've liked anything you've read of mine, stay tuned. I wrote my fantasy trilogy back in the early nineties. I wrote Boo Noon in the mid-nineties. The Christmas stories are examples of more recent writing, but they are short stories. Novels are what I love. That means my very best stuff is represented in the three novels coming soon. Look for them.