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26 April 2014

My cat Boris

Cats are probably smarter than dogs, though I don't mean to make this post about that.

I let my cat Boris in this morning from doing whatever he does at night. It's raining outside and as he strolled in I thought about how a dog would stop and shake and get everything wet, but like I said, Boris just strolled in.

I put out some food for Boris and pet him on the head once (he doesn't like people touching him), and he was pretty wet. I then put out a little saucer of milk diluted with water and noticed that he kind of turned his nose up at that this morning. Which I suppose means he isn't thirsty.

Or maybe he just knows he's going to get a full drink of water as he cleans himself off this morning. There's something so practical about that. Not really circle of life crap, but kind of in keeping with today's reduce, reuse, recycle ethic. Pretty smart . . .

Yeah, I just went and checked on Boris. He got up on my bed and rolled around on the cover until he was dry. Stupid cat.