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26 November 2014

Daily Ambivalence - Thanksgiving is on a Thursday this year

That guy on the phone says Thanksgiving is always on Thursday but I swear when I was little it happened on Monday once.

Not that it was all that great a Thanksgiving, as Thanksgivings go. Mom got out a frozen pizza and dad had to work at the sock factory. The police even raided my older brother's garden that he was growing in his room. But it was still Thanksgiving and I was grateful for so many things:
  • the purplish gray rash on the side of Uncle Herman's face seemed to be fading
  • that squirrel I'd locked away in a box in my closet had stopped moving and keeping me up at night
  • my teacher had recently stopped crossing herself every time she walked by my desk
Yeah, I remember that Thanksgiving Monday like it was yesterday. We might have been eating pizza but mom had all the candy corn pumpkins you could eat. I got in trouble because I bit off all the green stems.

That's the only part I like.

Thanksgiving is on a Thursday this year . . . eh.