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11 February 2016

Daily Ambivalence - Fat Tuesday made me feel bad

This is a mint chocolate cake from
Glaus Bakery. My wife gets one

every February for her birthday.
You can't smell this from where you are.
I pity you.
I can smell this from where I am.
I pity myself even more.
I gave up desserts, candy, and soda at the start of the year.

It occurred to me on Fat Tuesday that I'm still fat.

Is Fat Tuesday early in the year because everybody knows you're still going to be fat in February, even though you have lightened up on what you eat for a whole month? And by "lightened up on what you eat," I mean to say you intended to eat less.

When is Skinny Wednesday? I tried Googling that but got nothing.

Probably some time in October.

Fat Tuesday made me feel bad . . . eh.