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19 March 2014

Daily Ambivalence - saying mean things on your blog

Someone told me this morning that what I wrote on my blog yesterday was mean.

If you didn't read the blog yesterday then I advise against reading it. I admit, it was mean.

I'll pause here for a moment if you want to ignore my advice, click the left button on your mouse a few times, and read what I wrote yesterday . . . 

For those of you who didn't click, I will at least tell you that yesterday's blog dealt with people who buy crappy stuff, like poorly written books. I'm afraid I might have called these people stupid. And I'm afraid I might have intimated that everyone is stupid except for me.

Which of course isn't true. Steven Hawking is obviously smart. He's not much of a fiction reader though so I don't really count him.

To conclude, if Steven Hawking actually does read fiction I would find it interesting to know if he was a Twilight fan.

Saying mean things on your blog . . . eh.