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22 July 2014

Daily Ambivalence - every time I work out

You can end lots of sentences with "every time I work out" and it makes you sound active and maybe even virile.

"I take the bus to work and sometimes have interesting conversations with a hobo . . . every time I work out."

"I'm a little behind the times when it comes to the latest and greatest apps available for download on my smart phone . . . every time I work out." 

"My brother caught me reading a Regency Romance the other day and he has been teasing me but unlike most people I don't read romances for the steamy parts . . . every time I work out." 

"Last week, I went up to my state capitol and pretended to be a reporter and I asked a few senators about the smell of money and whether they can tell the different between a 50 and 100 just by scent, which naturally led to questions about crowd control and whether rubber bullets work better than tear gas . . . every time I work out."

Actually, maybe that doesn't work all that well.

Every time I work out . . . eh.