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03 July 2014

Daily Ambivalence - people who have jobs where bricklaying is involved

So, what, you got mortar and bricks. Even tools like trowels, which as I write this I'm not really sure what a trowel is but I think they have handles.

Of course, a description where you say "I think it has a handle" doesn't really describe much at all.

Chevy Impalas have handles and I don't think trowels are much like Chevy Impalas. But like I said, I don't remember what a trowel is so who am I to disparage any comparison someone in the know might make between a Chevy Impala and a trowel?

All this makes me think I'd be a pretty crappy bricklayer.

People who have jobs where bricklaying is involved . . . eh.