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13 March 2013

Daily Ambivalence - bottled liquids that could be mistaken for urine

Apple juice, of course.

Lots of other juices. Flavored water. And health drinks also confuse the issue.

Speaking of reasons you might need to kill yourself. I saw a story on the news some years ago about a scientist conducting a study at a pig farm. The news footage showed a lake of pig waste the scientist was studying. He was searching for a way to make the lake of pig excrement not smell bad.

There was a scientist and a scientist helper. The scientist had a rowboat. The scientist helper had waders. Like for fishing or cleaning up oil spills.

I thought the helper should probably also carry a gun in case he slipped and fell in the pig stuff. If the scientist helper fell and immersed himself in pig stuff, he would need the gun to shoot himself in the head before he surfaced. Think about it. What other choice would he have?

I don't think liquids intended for human consumption should look like urine. That would just make people carry guns all the time.
I don't know.

Safe colors for drinks should be limited to purple, red, green, white, and maybe black.

Bottled liquids that could be mistaken for urine . . . eh.