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01 March 2013

Daily Ambivalence - Jasmine Rice

Picture of Jasmine Rice
Jasmine Rice is an aromatic rice that people who use chopsticks often eat.
Picture of Basmati Rice

Another aromatic rice that many chopstick-wielding people eat is Basmati Rice.

I like Jasmine Rice better, on account of it being named after a popular Disney character who despite wearing a tube top didn't have any taint of trailer park.

Fifteen years ago I saw a real version of the tube-top-wearing Disney character at a show in one of the theme parks. Her costume was quite authentic, and I am confident I wasn't the only person (i.e. adult male) in the audience who counted this show as his favorite memory from the trip.

I hear the costume now incorporates much more flesh-colored fabric than flesh, which makes me think that maybe Basmati rice isn't that bad after all.

Jasmine Rice . . . eh.