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09 September 2013

Boogie Fever Sign Guy

I just drove by a guy dancing and flipping a sign on the side of the road. I don't know what his name is but I suspect it's probably something like Boogie Fever Sign Guy.
I certainly lost myself to his dance

He was so good at sign flipping I felt guilty not paying for the show.

Typically I feel sorry for guys flipping signs on the side of the road. It seems to me the ultimate form of punishment for not graduating from high school.

There the guy is (I've never seen a female sign flipper), doing his show for every person in every car, all of whom only look at him from the corner of their eyes in case he looks at them. He is a neon sign flashing "I'm an adult making minimum wage." Poor sap. Every second of his long eight-hour shift there's the chance someone he knows or knew will drive by and recognize him.

"Hey, isn't that . . . " someone in the car might say, and then their words stumble to a halt. Everyone in the car looks and then feels bad because they looked and viewed a friend or acquaintance on the low side of low.

Sign flipping is insidious.

Except for Boogie Fever Sign Guy. Really, I mean, he was amazing. I did a circle around the block just to drive by him again.

I'm kind of rethinking my whole human sign prejudice now. Our society tends to venerate doctors and engineers, teachers, CEOs. Writers, of course.

Knowledge. Learning. School. Degrees. Those are all apparently good things, and flipping a sign doesn't require any of them.

But Boogie Fever Sign Guy might actually be the best sign flipper in the entire world.

I'm not the best in the world at anything.

And you know what? Boogie Fever Sign Guy looked like he was having a good time.