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03 September 2013

Daily Ambivalence - people who know words that I don't know

And not just people who know words that I don't know but who actually use words that I don't know in their everyday language.

Who do those people think they are?

Like the word galifiniakis. I heard a guy use that word the other day and it sent me into a flying rage.

Shakespeare apparently had the biggest vocabulary of any writer in history. He knew lots of words that I don't know. I would have totally wasted that guy if I knew him.

It's just something about people using words that I don't know that sets me off. That's why I never visit foreign countries.

This is not Zach Galifiniakis
Anyways, back to galifiniakis. It turns out that galifiniakis is actually not so much a word as it is a name.

Which makes me feel really horrible. When I heard that guy say galifiniakis he was actually referring to an actor. I should have known that.

I just get so angry sometimes.

To conclude, I am wracked with guilt right now, but at the same time I'm glad there weren't any witnesses.

And that I burned any incriminating evidence.

People who know words that I don't know . . . eh.