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05 September 2013

Daily Ambivalence - Lou Ferrigno

There was that dream where Lou Ferrigno is in the make-up chair for the first time and the stylist presents him with the green wig. Lou Ferrigno protests saying that the Hulk is mostly drawn in the comic books with black hair but the stylist pleads creative liberty and that's when Lou Ferrigno reveals that he actually is a super hero. But he isn't the Hulk. He's Nick Fury in real life, though in keeping with his name he has anger management issues of his own. So he starts throwing people through walls and does some drop kicking but then he realizes that all this violence might be counterproductive if he still wants to play the part of Hulk in the television series. So he makes up a story about a tornado on the set and everybody believes him.

Somehow he still has to wear the green wig.