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11 February 2015

Daily Ambivalence - if you ever get stuck on a ski lift

If you've never skied, let me tell you that getting stuck on a ski lift is not an occurrence outside the realm of possibility.

Sometimes you'll be on a ski lift and it will just stop. Maybe someone getting on the lift at the bottom fell down and the guy running the lift hit a button so the person could get up and get back on the chair, even though what they wish the lift guy would do is shoot them in the head because everyone else is staring at them.

But you up there on the lift. No one is staring at you. You're alone. It's you against Nature and all you have is your wits and your courage, while Nature has wind and cold and snow and freezing rain and earthquakes and volcanoes with lava and chain lighting.

Wow, you're totally screwed up there.

If you ever get stuck on a ski lift . . . eh.