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16 March 2015

Daily Ambivalence - I wish that guy and girl would stop whispering

Ok, I freely admit that starting the bar fight here in Juarez was a bad idea. Those guys at the corner table got the wrong impression about me hating all Mexicans. That's not the case at all. What I said is that I thought their friend looked a lot like Anthony Quinn in the movie The Magnificent Matador, and I really do hate that movie.

Hating all Mexicans? Completely different. I totally don't hate Mexicans. It's offensive to me that they even thought that.

Not that it matters now.

I'm standing in line behind the jail waiting for the firing squad and the funny thing is that I'm not bothered by the intermittent sound of gunfire around the corner as we shuffle forward one at a time, or the bodies being carted past us on stretchers, but that guy and girl in the crowd that keep whispering to each other. It's really annoying. Are we boring them?

I'm thinking about starting another fight.

I wish that guy and girl would stop whispering . . . eh.