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20 March 2015

Daily Ambivalence - a Nestle Butterfinger will soon have fewer ingredients

I write these words with a measure of trepidation.

If you've never been to my house then I probably haven't shown you my shrine dedicated to the excellence that is the Butterfinger candy bar.

Chocolate - yes.

Peanuts - yes.

Both fantastic things, but a host of other candy bars can lay claim to the same chocolate and nuts boast. I've always thought it was the addition of Red 40 that made the Butterfinger that much better than its cousins. Not the Yellow 5 because, well, 40 is more than 5. That's just simple math.

It could also be the almost-an-afterthought addition of lactic acid esters that makes Butterfinger a "Holy %^#$@! What did I just put in my mouth?" kind of candy bar. Genius move whoever thought of that.

This might all fade into the past, sadly. I saw an article claiming that Nestle has vowed to go natural, as in, stop using products that are identified with just a color and a number. It's madness.

What am I going to do with my shrine?

Maybe my wife can have her sewing room back.

A Nestle Butterfinger will soon have fewer ingredients . . . eh.