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04 March 2015

Daily Ambivalence - the problem is, I've got three tickets to Paradise

Yeah, I've got three tickets to Paradise.

Jim wants to go with me, of course. So does Alice. And Ramon, Brad, Angelica, and Sophie are all pretending they're my best friends.

I hear Paradise is great but I know Jim would spend the whole time talking about that cousin of his in Nashville. Record deal. Great. Got it. Thanks, Jim. As for Alice, she does that twitchy thing with her eye and she clears her throat too much. I don't want to take either one of those guys.

Same goes for Ramon. He'd just play that game on his phone the whole time. And no way am I taking Brad. We'd have to listen to that boy band he likes the whole trip. Angelia is hot and all, but how can I ever forget that one time when she took the last fry. And I paid! The last fry! Who does that? Sophie would be fine but she's got that mole on the side of her nose. The paradise guys might not even let her in. I mean, who wants to stare at that if you're in paradise?

I don't know, it's just paradise. Maybe I'll stay home this weekend and do a Harry Potter marathon.

The problem is, I've got three tickets to Paradise . . . eh.