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22 February 2013

Daily Ambivalence - Lightning Tattoos

I saw a guy the other day with a lighting bolt tattooed on the back of his hand. This was something he did on purpose.

I have no experience with tattoo parlors, but what the tattooed guy basically did was allow another guy to stick needles into his hand repeatedly. This second guy had likely been featured recently on a television show where the theme music to the show had words in it like "bad boys" and "what ya gonna do." Money exchanged hands in this transaction, and inexplicably, it was the second guy who got the money.

Women pay doctors to remove varicose veins from their legs, even though many times the veins in their legs look like lighting bolts.

I am going to assume the difference here is a Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus kind of thing.

Lighting Tattoos . . . eh.