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11 February 2013

Sour grapes

I was doing a little research about wine and vineyards and grapes the other day. It's kind of interesting that drier conditions in a grape-growing season tend to produce better wine.

In other words - arid stresses, harsh conditions, unkind circumstances - these are good things. Look for them in a year and you find the best wines.

It makes me wonder if you can transfer that concept to authors and what they produce? Do authors who work under unfavorable conditions produce the best stories? Take a lonely guy typing away at his Mac for instance, a total loser, a "guy unwept, unhonored, and unsung," completely ignored by the reading public. Is that the guy you should go to if you are looking for a truly superior read?

Hey, if the answer is "yes," maybe I should feel good about myself.

I will be offering three books for free in a couple of days. See for yourself if what I have stated above equates to any kind of writer's maxim.

Alone with you Somehow will be free 2/13 - 2/15.

Boo Noon is free 2/13 - 2/15 as well.

Shadow and Shade is only free 2/15 - 2/16.