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28 February 2013

Anytime you can look like a hero

My son is the handsome one

It was career day at my youngest son's school and I participated.

By day I work as a compliance analyst for an insurance company. By night I create worlds, murder characters, and act the peeping tom watching other characters fall in love.

Which career do you think I chose to talk about?

Such a fun time. I did a twenty-minute presentation to four different classes of ten-year-olds. Now there's a magical age. Imagination and fun characterize a major part of the day for a kid in fourth grade. Or it should. I know it does for my son.

This age is also great for a dad because most ten-year-olds haven't realized yet their dad doesn't have super powers. For twenty minutes today as I talked to the kids about writing and being creative, my son was having one of those moments where he wanted to tell everyone that this was his dad. I could see it in his eyes.

Rare moments. I'll take them when they come.