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26 April 2013


Scoreboards are like lamposts in a movie theater parking lot. A reality check of sorts after you've been lost inside a fantasy.

Check the score or consider a reflection of yourself in your car window as you jiggle a set of keys. There you are, like it or not.

I suppose though that in today's world, especially for an American, it is easier to fudge the numbers.

In centuries' past, a scoreboard was nothing more fancy than spilt blood and a lifeless opponent sprawled on the ground. Scoreboards were graves without headstones and names that faded in memory, even among family.

These days I can stand in any parking lot, the light from the lampost above highlighting some of my features and casting others in shadow, and it isn't that hard to stay lost in the fantasy. Am I ahead or behind, home or away?

Blissful ignorance I guess, right?