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29 April 2013

Daily Ambivalence - waxing nose hair

My daughter went to school for a year to be an esthetician.

She has a double-barreled wax melter to prove that she went to school for a year. When you're an esthetician you need a double-barreled wax melter because different procedures require that different levels of pain be inflicted.

Back in medieval times people who performed similar types of procedures worked in dungeons and used leather straps, iron spikes, and hot pokers. The sounds of screaming have remained the same.

I kind of wonder about parents in medieval times. When they got together on Saturday nights to play their version of medieval bingo, I wonder if in between number calling when they were bragging about their kids, did the parents of the torturers speak up that much? I kind of doubt it.

How times have changed. Nowadays when a kid is going to school to make people scream, she actually practices on her parents. With permission.

The blue wax up the nose isn't all that bad. I haven't screamed once.

Which makes me wonder if my daughter paid attention in school. If the customers aren't screaming, how good can she be?

Waxing nose hair . . . eh.