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17 July 2013

Daily Ambivalence - Double Decker Tacos

I really like the Double Decker Taco.

I just get confused sometimes whether it's +Taco Bell or +Taco Time that sells the Double Decker.

You ever had this happen?

You pull into a drive thru because you have a pregnancy craving for a Double Decker Taco (minus the pregnancy), but you went to the place that doesn't sell Double Decker Tacos?

You're basically stuck. Especially if you're a guy. What are you going to do? Drive away? By driving away you basically scream to the world that you didn't know where you were. That's worse than asking for directions.

But it's a Double Decker Taco, man. 

And here I'm not talking just Double Decker. I'm talking Double Decker Supreme. With Sour Cream. Sour Cream!

But you're stuck there in line and there's not thing one you can do about it. That sucks like Michael Bay Hollywood.

Strange that it's just as I write this that it occurs to me that adding sour cream to a dish and then calling it supreme is a bit like throwing Howard the Duck on Blu-Ray and calling it classic.

I hated Howard the Duck.

Double Decker Tacos . . . eh.