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24 July 2013

Pioneer Day in Utah

I drive a convertible. which is really great sometimes. A lot of times, actually.

Like this morning. It's a holiday in Utah but I had to go to work anyway. A deadline.

There I am, driving down the freeway, some light cloud cover, just enough to inhibit the sun. I looked up. There was a jet plane tracing a gentle trajectory just above me, a stencil of metal sliding along the fabric of cotton cloud and it was so beautiful.

Just at the moment, a bird darted in between my view of the plane and  the sky.

There are a number of thought paths you could take from that image.

On Pioneer Day I chose to see the homage we make so often to the world in which we live. We see a common miracle such as a bird in flight, we yearn to recreate that miracle in our own lives, and eventually a man or woman finds a way to do just that. And then we take it for granted. Except for when we don't. Like today. That plane in the sky was stately, beautiful. The bird a flash and a reminder of the genesis of an idea once held by two brothers. Pioneers.

Great way to start a morning.