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29 July 2013

Jim Dale is pretty good

My all-time favorite book on tape is any of the +Harry Potter books.

I know, really going out on a limb there. "Wow, Edwards, you mean to say that your favorite book on tape is from the most popular series every written?" I'm a pioneer that way.

I bring this up because I am going to record one of my own books here pretty soon and I have been practicing a ton. Jim Dale is the guy who did the Harry Potter series, at least for Americans, and that guy made it seem effortless. His ability to bring the text alive is as magical as any spell beginning with stupefy . . .  or semper fi. I forget which one. I guess I need to bone up on my Harry Potter. Anyways, like I said, Jim Dale makes it sound easy.

It's actually not.

Just reading without stumbling over every third word is a challenge. Add to that throwing in different voices.

I've got the whole multiple voices in my head thing down, but getting them to use my vocal chords is different.

I think I've got enough voice talent to pull it off, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll record the first chapter of the book I'm doing, Boo Noon, and make it available here and get your opinion.