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31 July 2013

Daily Ambivalence - hard seats at church

If you're late to church you have to sit in the back on the hard seats.

My question has to do with whether it is better to be fat or skinny when you are sitting on hard seats.

If you're skinny, well, obviously you have less weight pressing down and gravity is not such a harsh mistress.

Yet a fat person usually has a big butt and so that means more padding.

There was that doctor recently who told a lady she suffered from ghetto bootie. You remember? He is currently having a rough go of it in the press, though I'm thinking his patient should count her blessings. She can be as late for church as she wants.

Of course, some fat people still have really small butts. Usually guys I've noticed. They look weird in jeans. That must be hell.

Hard seats at church . . . eh.