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08 July 2013

Daily Ambivalence - taking a week off

Bryan Moon
People taking a week off typically use words strung together like "recharging my batteries" or "taking a break from reality" or "Goin AWOL, y'all." (I made that last one up)

Congress recently passed a law that if you take a whole week off you have to purchase a +Jimmy Buffett cd or some trinket off Buffett's website. I bought a coaster.

It has been a week since I posted anything to this blog, and the dark haze at the edge of every thought, the glowing eyes peering at me from that midnight distance of tomorrow, the constant bray of tortured souls both past and present that I have or will betray, the greedy demons tearing at my insides, surging for escape or greater ingress I  know not which, the weight of eternity a hell of my own making that I build brick-by-brick with a care unacknowledged, the smear of my life-stain a glowing nimbus of unparalleled evil that will one day wear holes in the fabric of time and break all consciousness into . . .

All of that actually feels a little better today.

Buffett must know a thing or two. I just don't drink margaritas.

Taking a week off . . . eh.