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06 January 2014

Daily Ambivalence - balconies

Lots of famous balcony scenes in literature.

You know that scene where Romeo digs on Juliet and makes her fall in love with him? Balcony.

Or there's that one time where the guy with the big nose helps that other dude get a girl to fall in love with him, only it's a girl the guy with the big nose likes. I wonder if after the guy with the big nose did that he was like, "Man, I'm good. I totally just . . . I . . . aww crap!" Or maybe that was the first use of "Doh!"

Like the time I let my friend Bill talk me into eating three ghost peppers for twenty bucks. I don't think that happened on a balcony, but it's possible. After the second ghost pepper things got a little weird, kind of like that acid trip scene in Dumbo.

Actually, there are only two balcony scenes in literature that I can think of and they were written a long time ago.

Someone should write another famous balcony scene. Only it should have tons of action. And maybe a penguin that speaks Portuguese. And no ghost peppers. Disney would snap up those rights in a second.

I don't know. Too avant guard?

Balconies . . . eh.