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20 January 2014

Daily Ambivalence - reading books out of order

I was talking to a lady the other day who hadn't realized the Harry Potter books were a series. She had picked up Harry Potter #3 and read it and and she said, "yeah, that Potter stuff is good."
Yeah, there's one, two, three . . . yeah, seven of them.

My first question is this: do you really think that Hermione would be satisfied with Ron as a husband?

I worry about Hermione and Ron growing old together and eventually drifting apart, Ron's celebrity as Harry's friend fading. Ultimately he has to take a job mopping floors for his brother George at the joke shop.

Anyway, my other question is how could you not know that Harry Potter is a series? Sure it's confusing there are seven books but eight movies, but that's only if you fail to realize the Harry Potter franchise was running short on cash. I think they were behind on some utility bills.

To conclude, if Ron and Hermione were to go to a marriage councilor, I would expect them to choose Nymphadora Tonks. She looked like she would give really good advice.

Or did Nymphdora die at the Hogwarts battle?

Reading books out of order . . . eh.