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08 January 2014

Daily Ambivalence - refugulate

When a coworker misspeaks and says a word like refugulate, how many times over the course of say, two years, can you bring it up in conversation before it becomes rude?

Look at the word - refugulate.

Too bad you can't find that word in the dictionary because it pretty much makes me happy every time I say it . . . in her presence.

At least it did.

I think it was unreasonable yesterday when I slipped the word refugulate into a discussion about contract eligibility and waiting periods and my friend flips out and tries to stab me with a letter opener.

Not cool, right?

That's totally on her, though I did feel bad when the cops carted her away.

Now some of my other coworkers are saying it would be in poor taste if I testified against her in a court of law.

I think their logic is flawed. I refugulate that.

Refugulate . . . eh.