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02 January 2014

Daily Ambivalence - days that suck

In the history of the world there have been many days that sucked.

Like today.

Today sucks.

It's funny how on days that suck there always seem to be one or two people who don't realize that the day sucks. Like that lady over there right now at the bus stop. She's smiling. How can she not realize this days sucks?

And that guy on the billboard over there. He's smiling too. I guess he's just a static photograph so not much he can do about it, but still.

No way I'm watching the news when I get home. Those news guys even smile on the weekends. And they're working on the weekend. Idiots.

I had a dog named Scooter when I was a kid. Poor Scooter got hit by a car on a Saturday. We took him to a vet who happened to be working that Saturday. Scooter still died. I hate that guy.

Days that suck . . . eh.