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13 January 2014

Daily Ambivalence - pulling a rabbit out of your hat

Maybe Bill was more an illusionist,
but he had the rabbit thing down.
What magic act is complete without a guy in a cape pulling a rabbit out of his hat?

I'm probably a little old school in that belief.

I wonder what possessed the first magician to pull a rabbit out of his hat? The reason I ask this is because . . . why not gold coins? If magicians pulled gold coins out of their hats and then threw them into the audience I'll bet their shows would be better attended.

That, and they wouldn't have to keep coming up with the bigger-better. Nowadays magicians don't get noticed unless they do something like hold their breath underwater while causing an elephant to poo a 7 of Clubs.

Just throw gold coins, guys. It's not rocket science.

But they won't listen. Every time I go it's just a stupid rabbit. And the elephant thing.

Pulling a rabbit out of your hat . . . eh.