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01 May 2013

Daily Ambivalence - cranberry sauce

Cranberry sauce is a can-shaped, purple substance that Americans place in the center of a table once a year and then ignore. It has the word "sauce" in its name, which is strange.

No living person actually knows what cranberry sauce tastes like.

To ask the question "what does cranberry sauce taste like" equates to one of life's great, unanswerable questions.

Historians and anthropologists alike have combed over early Pilgrim records and even hosted archaeological digs to ascertain a sense of cranberry sauce flavor, but to no avail. 

Which is understandable. Even the greatest minds of our day struggle to describe the simple taste of salt other than to say that it tastes like salt. An accurate  appreciation  of the complex flavor of cranberry sauce without any current-day testators to draw associations, well, that might be forever out of our reach.

I for one am not enamored with can-shaped fruit so, no big whup.

Cranberry sauce . . . eh.