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26 June 2013

Daily Ambivalence - cute girls and not looking at them

I prefer to sit next to unattractive girls. Unattractive girls get that title because they are unattractive.

Breaking down the roots of the word unattractive:
"attractive" means that which attracts, or something that causes your wife to hit you with a frying pan; "un" means the absence of frying pans.
So the absence of frying pans is good. Unless it is morning time and you are in the mood for an old fashioned American breakfast.

I'm crazy about American breakfasts. I don't care that they are greasy and high in cholesterol. In addition, I'm one of those weird people who put ketchup on my eggs and hash browns.

Cute girls probably don't put ketchup on their hash browns.

Cute girls and not looking at them . . . eh.