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10 June 2013

Daily Ambivalence - NASCAR racing

You know the whole beef against +NASCAR racing.

Left turn. Left turn. Left turn. Left turn.

I, for one, am glad NASCAR racing is centered around left turns.

If you remember, Lieutenant Dan from +Forrest Gump lost both his legs in Vietnam. I always imagine that Lieutenant Dan was left-handed because he has long hair for the last half of the movie. People with long hair are typically creative types, and creativity is traditionally linked with the right half of the brain, which is the foundation for left-handed people being the only people in their right mind joke.

So when I think of NASCAR racing I think of Lieutenant Dan who might have been left-handed. And since Lieutenant Dan lost both his legs in the +Vietnam War I think of veterans. I am thankful for veterans and thinking about veterans makes me feel patriotic.

NASCAR racing make me feel patriotic.

But it is kind of loud, and I don't know if Lieutenant Dan liked NASCAR racing.

NASCAR racing . . . eh.