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05 June 2013

Daily ambivalence - proper tire inflation

I've always had a hard time understanding what +Donald Duck says when he talks. I suspect a lack of proper tire inflation played a part in this.

Back in the 1930s, the correlation between proper tire inflation and improved gas mileage was poorly understood. This was about the time +Walt Disney was looking for voice talent to use in his fledgling company.

Nowadays Disney searches the world over for the best soon-to-be-tabloid-fodder teenagers available, but back then Walt wasn't rich and he didn't understand the importance of proper tire inflation so he was always running out of gas. The result of this was that his search radius for voice talent those first few years was a half-block radius in west Anaheim. Donald Duck was first voiced by a homeless guy named Sven. By the time someone good was affordable the template was set.

So nobody can understand Donald Duck.

I seldom watch Disney cartoons though.

Proper tire inflation . . . eh.