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28 June 2013

Daily Ambivalence - big parties that aren't Woodstock

Lots of people say Woodstock was a great party.

I'm not so sure.

When you look at pictures from back then it's kind of hard to see how great the party was because of all the homeless people standing in the way.

The homeless problem must have been pretty severe back then. Which makes sense. I'm no historian, but Woodstock happened a long time ago. The Great Depression happened a long time ago too. I'll bet that's where all the homeless people came from.

But back to my point. Not only do I question that Woodstock was a great party, I wonder if it even happened. Like the moon landing.

I met a guy named Howie who lives in an abandoned trailer 10 miles outside of Wendover who says the government faked Apollo 11 and everything.

Howie even looks like one of those homeless people at Woodstock.

I should ask him what he thought of the party.

Big parties that aren't Woodstock . . . eh.