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05 February 2014

Daily Ambivalence - creepy attics where there's actually stuff in the attic

Any time you watch a movie there is that whole "suspension of disbelief" thing the director and writer expect you to do.

That seems a little presumptuous to me but people do it, so . . . whatever.

Seems to me like we could organize, maybe establish a charter, start demanding fair compensation for every belief suspension. I've brought this up at dinner parties during polite conversation but it never gets any traction.

But back to attics. I struggle to suspend my disbelief when I see a young female in a movie climb into a creepy attic where there is actually stuff in the attic. Usually it's lots of stuff. I don't get it. The only stuff in my attic is joists and insulation.

Yep, Ardmore and Hollywood
I can see how reality might complicate filmmaking for a filmmaker, especially if the screenplay calls for the storyline to fall somewhere inside the horror genre. Creepy attics are kind of a standard there. Whenever I see one of these movies though, I just keep picturing wooden joists, maybe a crossbeam.

I wonder if other people will ever realize that the only place in the world where attics actually contain stuff is in Hollywood? That and Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Creepy attics where there's actually stuff in the attic . . . eh.