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10 February 2014

Daily Ambivalence - a delicate treatment on urinals

At my work the men's bathroom on the 6th floor has two urinals. One is a "tall" urinal and one is a "short" urinal.

Every once in a while I walk into the bathroom and there is only one other guy there and for some reason he has chosen to use the short urinal.

That raises many questions.

Why did my employer even install a short urinal, for one? I've thought about this and the only logical reason is that we must employ underage workers at night after everyone has gone home. That's surprising because my employer is well regarded in our community. I can't believe we are willing to take such an obvious PR risk. I would take a stand against this egregious practice, maybe do a little picketing or pass around flyers, but I like money.

I also wonder about guys who choose a short urinal when they could use a tall urinal. Their mothers probably really hated them.

A delicate treatment on urinals . . . eh.