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17 February 2014

Daily Ambivalence - I hurt my wrist

I hurt my wrist but it wasn't because I was playing a video game. Why would you think that?
The pain

Sure, modern controllers have 20 or so buttons and in some games you have to use all 20 buttons, like that last scene in COD Ghost Protocol on Top of Zombies where you use the jetpack you got under the floorboard in that mansion to fly through the post-apocolyptic version of downtown Eau Claire, Minnesota while fighting off zombie eagles and kissing the president's daughter. But that's not how I hurt my wrist.

I hurt my wrist shoveling snow out of the driveway like my wife asked me to do. And if the driveway doesn't look completely done, or if it looks like I didn't shovel at all, it's because I hurt my wrist.

I hurt my wrist . . . eh.