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13 February 2014

Life, the Universe, and Everything

One of my favorite things each year is to go to Life, The Universe, & Everything (LTUE Symposium) and listen to good writers talk about, well, judging by the picture above they're going to talk about dragons who hold pirate flags.

Actually, I'm not really sure why I go to this every year other than all the stuff I learn about perfecting my craft. Oh, and I am even a panelist a few times and I will have a reading Saturday.

The esteemed guest this year is Orson Scott Card, an up-and-coming young guy who has only written 40 or 50 books and just had a movie made from one of them. Earlier this century, when everyone was doing the top 100 of all kinds of things from the previous 100 years, any list that purported to included the best science fiction books always had Ender's Game in the top 10. Can't argue. One of my favorites. I've seen Card before and he is intelligent and very entertaining.

If you write, and you live in Utah, you could do worse than attend this symposium. Find more information here.