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27 August 2013

And to all a good Pocket Hole

If Pocket Hole were a book, what would it look like? Plato first postulated this in his Dialogue: Holeus Pocketus.

If you have caught yourself at some point in your life asking a similar question, well, catch yourself no longer. The answer will arrive in a matter of days.

I want to express my undying love to +Alex Bell who came up with this cover. I love the cover so much I've begun to think of it as one of my own children. Not my favorite child, by any means, but not my least favorite either.

Pocket Hole will soon be available for purchase on Amazon as an ebook, and for the first time for any of my books, as a paperback via CreateSpace. The paperback will also be available through Amazon.

I am excited to have an actual book in my hands where I can turn an actual page. Dork that I am, I have already ordered the first copy.

So at least I got one sale.