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07 August 2013

Daily Ambivalence - Igneous Rock

Igneous rock is rock that originates in the center of our planet but is then spewed out of land pimples onto the land's surface. The whole sordid history of igneous rock sees it melted by intense pressure and heat and then forcibly evicted from its home.

I suppose you could feel sorry for igneous rock on account of the hard times it has gone through. But for me, no.

According to one theory that involves land pimples and lots of dust in the air, igneous rock was at least complicit in wholesale genocide (i.e., the extinction of the dinosaurs).

I love dinosaurs, but am relegated to the Syfy channel and such classics as Dinocroc or Sharktopus to get my dinosaur fix. Sometimes even +Sharknado if I'm desperate.

But for igneous rock I might have my own pet gigantoraptor in my backyard.

Stupid igneous rock.

Igneous rock . . . eh.