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13 May 2013

Daily Ambivalence - coffins or caskets

Did Dracula get his day rest in a coffin or a casket?

That's the question I want answered.

There's this guy I knew in high school. He was a jerk and nobody liked him and I won't be all that sad one day when he dies.

I will for sure attend his funeral. If for nothing else than to see old friends.

But more importantly, I want to see if what's-his-name gets buried in a coffin or a casket.

I would hate for him to get buried in the same thing as Dracula. I worry about him going all undead and all. Then he'd be a jerk forever.

When I go to the funeral, I wonder if people will look at me askance if I bring a stake and a mallet to the service? Just to be sure, you know?

Coffins or caskets . . . yeah, that definitely matters.