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08 May 2013

Daily Ambivalence - fluorescent lights in a long hallway

Sometimes at night when I step out of an apartment I have burglarized and into a hallway where one fluorescent light (usually on the far end) is flickering, I am taken back to that time in the mental hospital when . . .

Hold it, no, that was in a movie I watched a couple weeks ago.

I think what I'm trying to say is that if you enter a hallway and it's empty, and it happens to be nighttime, and down at the other end of the hallway one of the fluorescent lights is flickering, you should probably turn around and make sure there isn't a film crew behind you. Maybe you're the star of a horror movie right in the middle of production and you just forgot.

Quick, say something like "I think I'll go down in the basement even if the lights don't work." Odds are, that's the correct line anyway and you won't look stupid for having forgot you were in a movie.

Of course, if there is no film crew you still won't come off as stupid for saying your line. Because you're alone.

This is all very speculative and a bit confusing and a great example of why people should just use high efficiency light bulbs.

Flickering fluorescent lights in a long hallway . . . eh.