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15 May 2013

Friends from high school

Most of the time you only see friends from high school once every 10 years at a reunion.

The other times are usually even more inconvenient than that. Like at a supermarket, but only if you forgot to shave and are wearing mismatched clothing.

Friends from high school remember a version of you that you are able to forget about most of the time. The age-old formula of bad hair + seldom-used locker + hormone saturation/10th thru 12 grade = "pretend it never happened" is true.

It would be easy to say that many of us avoid friends from high school because the version of us they remember is a version that no longer exists.

Maybe that's true for some. Have I been changing and evolving over the years?

Or just piling layer upon layer of junk atop what I wasn't sophisticated enough in high school to hide?