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29 May 2013

Daily Ambivalence - that one neighbor

There's that one neighbor with the ugly children.

I mean "dogs." I don't mean children.

I mean dogs with quotation marks.

There's that one neighbor with really ugly dogs. I don't always intend to be mean to the ugly dogs but they are ugly and so it's almost like I can't help it.

Just the other day one of them was in my house playing C.O.D. with my son . . . I mean, one of the dogs was in my front yard and I didn't want it there, so I yelled at it to go away but then later I felt bad.

What is it about ugly dogs and being mean to them? They probably can't help it. Sometimes you can't even blame the parents. Ugly genes can skip generations I've heard.

Who hasn't seen an ugly dog and then looked at the mother and thought, well that sucks?

The dogs of that one neighbor, though. They put the kick in sleeping dog.

But they're ugly, so, you know.

That one neighbor . . . eh.