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20 May 2013

Daily Ambivalence - pull tabs on aluminum cans

Drinking a Coke used to make you feel dangerous and on the edge.

Back in the day, Coke cans had these pull tabs that basically gave you only two options.

Option #1
Throw the tab on the ground, which was littering, which as everyone knows leads to acid rain and the end of the world, but you didn't care because you were drinking a Coke (i.e. you were dangerous).

Option #2
Slip the pull tab through the opening of the can and drink the Coke with the lurking choke hazard somewhere inside (i.e.  you were living on the edge).

You can't really get that feeling from a Coke can anymore.

Now when I want to feel dangerous or on the edge I base jump in a  squirrel suit or book a vacation to Afghanistan and rent cars with bumper stickers that say My other ride is a drone or Bush/Cheney 2016.

You know, when I think about it, the old pull tab really wasn't all that dangerous.

Pull tabs on aluminum cans . . . eh.