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30 January 2015

Daily Ambivalence - how many of us would recognize our severed foot?

I was asking myself that question this morning.

My friend Delia Giseppe went and saw a documentary at Sundance about a guy named Shannon who found a severed foot in a used grill he bought. The dude gets some publicity and starts capitalizing on the story and then another guy comes along and says "Hey, that's my foot!"

I haven't seen the documentary, but from the summary I guess there is a court battle, lots of fighting over ownership of the severed foot, lots of small-town politics, and even the violent murder of a Saimese cat. (I might have made up the part about the cat)

Of course, there are numerous discussion points one can take from this story.

The first, and most obvious, is - isn't Shannon a girl's name?

The second, and right behind, would have to be - once Shannon found the foot in the grill, did he ever actually use the grill?

And I suppose you could also throw in there that if your foot got cut off, would you recognize it a couple weeks later when a guy tried to sell it on QVC?

How many of us would recognize our severed foot? . . .eh.